Family Councils

Helping develop and support family councils at residential care facilities is an important focus of our work.

Our ongoing work with family councils includes providing information and resources to family members and friends, as well as care facility staff, to help them recognize the important role an active family council can play in improving the quality of the care environment.

What is a Family Council?
A family council is a forum for friends and families of residents in long-term care to share experiences, learn and exchange information. Family councils provide a valuable mechanism for dialogue, support, education and processing concerns.

How can Family Councils help?
Family councils play an important role for residents of care facilities and for their families and friends. Our experience is that a family council can provide information and mutual support to family and friends of residents in care to help them better understand and cope with their loved one’s experience of living in care, and the care facility environment. Family councils also provide an opportunity for two-way communication with staff at the care facility. It is our belief that a well-functioning family council supports not only the residents and their families and friends, but also helps care staff in delivering high-quality care.

How does ACR support Family Councils?
ACR’s work to support family councils includes:

Offering family council workshops and information sessions
Publishing a Family Council Handbook
Providing information about the network of family councils in British Columbia
Offering guidance for family councils to process concerns about care
Providing education through access to helpful resources and information